Aims & objectives – principles of care

Our focus is always the child or young person in our care. We aim to provide children and young people with a positive, safe and nurturing experience of substitute care within a family environment.

In agreement with the Children’s Act 1989, we subscribe to the view that a child is best brought up in their own home with both parents playing a full part in their upbringing. We recognize that this is not always possible. Whenever it is considered to be in the child’s best interests, however, Child Focus Fostering Agency will work positively with the placing Children’s Services Department to return the child to her/his natural parents.

Child Focus key objective is to develop services in order that children and young people can develop and grow within the five key outcomes areas of “Every Child Matters”:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic wellbeing

At all times Child Focus Fostering Agency expects its staff and foster parents to positively embrace each individual child/young person’s heritage. Our value base is that all people, children and adults alike, are individuals who are to be respected and treated as equals, whatever their circumstances or difficulties.

By the same token we at Child Focus regard foster parents as the bedrock of our service. A core purpose of the CFFA is to ensure that a wide range of placements is available for children/young persons. In order to protect the choice of placements for children, we believe it is necessary to offer foster parents a robust package of professional support and financial remuneration.

Our overall aim is to recruit professional, resilient foster parents who can provide foster children with a positive and nurturing experience of substitute family care.

We are a progressive organisation and with this aim in mind all staff and others working on behalf of the our Agency are required to be conversant with the national minimum standards for foster care as well as the code of practice on the recruitment, assessment, approval, training, management and support of foster parents.

We are single minded about identifying and recruiting foster parents who can comply with the national minimum standards and work towards meeting the training, support and development standards for foster parents.

We offer a comprehensive service to young people that is based upon good care practices and supportive management systems.

CFFA works towards a positive identity for children, as all aspects of daily life, the environment, parents, school and other relationships can influence individual identity.  Personal self-esteem is nurtured by knowing who you are, this will help the individual to develop a ‘purpose’ and direction for the future; it is like the fountain from which you can draw upon your strengths.

CFFA’s dynamic philosophy will continue to be based upon the changing needs of our service users within a culturally sensitive environment based upon positive role models and non-oppressive care practices whilst incorporating Social Work models to increase the possibility of positive outcomes.

It can be said that through empowerment it is possible to achieve change, which in turn is beneficial to the clients in our care.

CFFA’s Principles of Good Child Care is based upon the key principles of privacy, dignity, self-fulfillment, independence, choice and rights. This is an integral of our working practices. CFFA endeavors to give prominence to the child’s wishes and feelings when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the child.