CFFA training for foster parents is designed to meet the foster children’s individual needs who had a difficult life in the past and is comprehensive. This begins with the “Skills to foster” training once you have applied to foster. This includes 3 full days training and workshops. There are experienced staff and excellent materials to support your learning.

You will be given a comprehensive course work book which has more information and useful for home study. This will help you to further evidence for the Training Support and Development Standards which you are required to complete in a year’s time of being approved as a foster carer.

During these 3 days you will be able to meet CFFA team members, listen to the existing foster parents experiences and learn with new applicants like you.

The Skills to Foster course will cover the following areas;

  • What foster carers do?
  • The importance of identity and life chances
  • Working with others in the team
  • Understanding the needs children in foster care
  • Safe-caring
  • Helping children to deal with change
  • Further application Process information

During your first year you will complete the Training, Support and Development Standards (TSDS) and at the same time you are invited to attend trainings every month. We have trainings repeated on a weekday and on the weekend each month so our foster carers can benefit in attending either one of them. CFFA endeavours to use a variety of trainers with considerable experience and expertise in their chosen field. You can also choose online training according to your own individual need.